They call him Mirth. . . Michael Mirth

Michael Mirth is the world’s premier In2tainer; blending Intuition, subtle psychology, misdirection and showmanship to create an alchemical fusio of “In2tainment.”Michael Mirth headshot

A professional comic mindreader, sleight-of-hand-artist, keynote speaker, and magical infotainer, Mirth found a fascination for the magical arts at 5 and began performing professionally at 12.

Contrary to conjecture, Michael Mirth has the same number of fingers on each hand as most people.


Mirth sells really unique stuff and a huge inventory of board games — at this Amazon store:


Having performed Sleight-of-hand at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, on ABC-TV’s The Wayne Brady Show, and on the Great Wall of China, Mirth was awarded a life membership in the International Brotherhood of Magicians


In 2004 Mirth took the gold medal for sleight-of-hand at the International Battle of Magicians and tied for gold in the originality category of the IBM’s Strolling Olympics.  In 2009, Mirth took third place at the Society of American Magicians’ International close-up contest as well as the gold medal at the Magi-fest in the close-up category.


Mirth wins the Psychic Entertainer of the year award in 2022 –j/k.


Two Las Vegas Casinos do not allow him to play in their establishments. –srsly.


If you have selected a card, and Michael Mirth has so far failed to name it, it is the King of Hearts!Photobucket


Within a matter of seconds, Michael Mirth can twist a cocktail napkin into a rose (that smells like a rose), sculpt a string of pearls into a poodle, or get lost in a lady’s eyes. . .

Music Video example:

At Hollywood’s Magic Castle:

For booking information, contact and/or call or text 330.289.0013.

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  1. You’re magic is amazing, I had the pleasure of seeing you perform at the Magic Castle and you were simply amazing.

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